Wisconsin RACING
Wisconsin Racing is a Formula SAE team based out of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is an international collegiate competition In which students design, build, and compete with a small scale open wheel prototype racecar.
Wisconsin Racing spends each fall semester designing new vehicles, constantly searching for ways to improve performance and increase reliability.
During the winter months, the team develops the vehicle with comprehensive manufacturing processes. In this phase, the team works tirelessly to build and test the vehicles, continuously resolving any issues that arise.
Everything comes together for competition in the summer, where both the combustion and electric teams compete against other schools' teams. The 2024 FSAE competition will be held at Michigan International Speedway.
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Competition breakdown

In both the combustion and electric competitions, scores are divided up between eight events, falling in either The static or dynamic category.

Static Events
Cost Report
Present Documentation of the cost of manufacturing the vehicle and breakdowns
Business Case
Present Documentation of the cost of manufacturing the vehicle and breakdowns
Design Presentation
Explain the process of engineering the vehicle, along with design desicions made
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Test maneuverability and performance of car by racing on track with sharp turns, slaloms, and shorter straights
Test how well the car handles turns with a tight figure-8 course
Test the ability of the car to cover a certain distance in minimum time
Determine how efficient the car is by measuring how much energy is consumed during race
Determine how Reliable and durable the car is based on its performance in a 22 Kilometer race
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Dynamic Events