Our Cars

Wr 223E

Suffering a transmission failure the weekend before competition, the 223E arrived at comp running only two motors rather than its intended four. Despite the conversion, the car still proved to be a worthy competitor. The 223E featured a full monocoque – a first for our electric cars. Other improvements included a new aero package and a new steering wheel.

Wr 223C

Our 2023 combustion car, the 223C, ran at competition with a fully redesigned aero package and featured a new engine, the Yamaha CP2 twin cylinder. To support the new engine package we developed a full carbon intake plenum, custom exhaust and muffler system, and a dry sump oiling system for the engine.

Wr 222E

Back from a one year hiatus, our electric contender the 222E showcased our iconic four motor all wheel drive system. The 222E was our last car to run our three quarters hybrid monocoque-tube chassis. 

Wr 222C

The 222C featured our first ever full monocoque chassis. Other notable features on this car included a switch to pnEumatic shifting and a one year only run of a decoupled roll-heave suspension setup. This was our last car to run our single cylinder turbocharged Yamaha YZ-450 package.

Wr 221C

The 221C was our first car back from Covid. Featuring a three quarters hybrid monocoque-tube chassis and our turbocharged Yamaha YZ-450 with electric shifting, this car packed a punch. We successfully completed every dynamic event and placed 2nd in fuel efficiency. 

Wr 219E

Focusing on vehicle testing, the 219E featured many improvements. Major improvements included a more reliable motor controller, system effeciency characterizations, and a state of charge estimate for the battery to aid drivers.

Wr 219c

Suffering a major setback during the manufacturing season which severely limited our testing season, the 219C successfully persevered and campaigned at FSAE Michigan.

Wr 218E

Featuring a redesigned battery, student-designed motors and motor controllers, and custom high torque planitary transmissions paired with a redesigned hybrid monocoque-tube chassis, the 218E offered an all wheel drive platform with an overall 20% decrease in weight.

Wr 218C

An evolution of its predecessor, the 218C featured our powerful turbocharged Yamaha YZ-450 package along with many other improvements. The 218C earned us 4th in design and finished 8th overall at FSAE Michigan.

Wr 217E

Our first ever electric vehicle, the Wisconsin Racing 217E was designed to share a monocoque with our combustion car while running a customized rear subframe to suit the electric powertrain. The team earned 1st in design with this all wheel drive vehicle.

Wr 217c

The 217c featured a revolutionary change with our third generation monocoque, redesigned aero package, and new vehicle kinematics. The 217C ran our Turbocharged Yamaha YZ-450 package for the first time and carried us to a 10th place finish at FSAE Michigan.

Wr 216c

Running our second Generation monocoque, the 216C was our last car to feature our turbocharged KTM single cylinder engine package.

Wr 215c

Following a large change in the aerodynamics rules for competition, the 215c featured a smaller aero package than its predecessor.  

Wr 214c

The 214C showcased our largest aero package to date. In addition to the unique aero package, the 214c was our last car to run a full tube chassis.